Pegasus/DPD Partner

Phone support

24h maximum delivery time

  • Romtelecom 0248-222.190
  • Connex 0724-314.820
  • Orange 0745-049.699
  • Zapp 0788-622.017

Servicii nationale

  • Romania Express
  • Mailshot service
  • Flowers delivery
  • Direct mail & Management
  • Sampling & Promotions
Map of Romania

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Romania Express
 24 hours delivery anywhere in Romania

Mailshot service
 Multiple deliveries of addressed documents, invitations, invoices, presents, offers and packages.

Direct mail & Management
 Logistics management, archive warehousing, messenger centers, outsourced mailroom services

Sampling & Promotions
 Distribution of fliers, advertisements and samples anywhere in Romania

Flowers delivery
 Delivery of flowers and ornamental plants