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24h maximum delivery time

  • Romtelecom 0248-222.190
  • Connex 0724-314.820
  • Orange 0745-049.699
  • Zapp 0788-622.017

International Services

  • Global Express Export
  • Global Express Import
  • Global Freight Export
  • Global Freight Import
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Global Express Export & Import
 Fast world-wide delivery (to over 240 countries)

Global Freight Export & Import
 Transportation by air, sea, roads or railways (import or export)


Express Documents (PDX)
 What is a "document"? In general, a document is an item without commercial value or customs agency value; this need not be declared at the customs in the destination country. Examples: contracts, drawings, letters, reports. For expedition, the only thing needed is the way bill.

Expres Parcels (PPX)
 What is a "parcel"? In general, a parcel is any object which, in accordance with the legislation in effect in the destination country, has a commercial and customs value. Examples: product samples, equipment parts, finished goods etc.