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  • Romtelecom 0248-222.190
  • Connex 0724-314.820
  • Orange 0745-049.699
  • Zapp 0788-622.017

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Contact Address:
Central Office:
Str. Dumbravei, nr.25, Pitesti, Romania
Secondary Office:
Bd. Republicii, nr.98, Pitesti, Romania


Phone numbers:
Romtelecom   Tel/Fax: 0248.222.190
Vodafone   0724.314.820
Orange   0745.049.699
Zapp   0788.622.017

European Courier is a company founded in 1997 with 100% romanian capital. Since then we succeeded in becoming one of the top couriers on the door-to-door same-day couriering market.

Our success and our continuos growth is based on our clients' trust and support, but is also due to the excellent team that is the heart and soul of European Courier.

In today's everchanging market, where time means money, we offer you all that's needed to get you to the place you want, in the shortest time possible.

Each day, European Courier proves you that we can be even faster, more flexible and more inovative, so that we can provide you with the most cost-effective solutions.

No matter what your company's line of work is, European Courier will handle every detail with care, to make sure your parcels and business mail and messages are delivered in time and with no hassle, due to our nation-wide distribution network.

We wish to be your trusted business partner and provide you the solutions you need in the field of transportation and rapid parcel distribution. Documents, parcels, merchandize, or anything you want delivered, we can offer you our services, all tailored to fit your specific needs.